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Non-Government Organization "OLD AGE WITHOUT STRESS" from Novi Sad, SERBIA, is founded with the aim of promptly and accurately informing senior citizens of Novi Sad area, regarding how to solve different problems and issues that appear in the lives of older citizens. 


Name used for website ( is telling it all. "Starost" in serbian means "old age", and through the extension "dot info" we pointed that our main goal is to inform the senior citizens, to help them with the informations that interest them the most, which are:


1.) Real estate (buying, selling, exchanging)

2.) Health (therapies, home health care, retirement homes, private practice, clinics)

3.) Finances (pensions, savings, money management, investment)

4.) Insuarnce (life, health, real estate)

5.) Social contacts (socializing, connecting with people, travel)

6.) Help regarding usage of modern technologies (smart phones, computers, internet, atm machines)

7.) Miscellaneous informations about different usefull services available on the market 


In order to have a wide range of informations, we are cooperating with different institutions, companies and individual persons that are all providing this wide range of services and goods as well.


Non-Government Organization


Micurinova 46

21000 Novi Sad



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Office telephone:

+381 21 651 83 01


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+381 69 146 46 36